The espresso coffee maker is any coffee brewing machine that prepares coffee using pressurized hot water. The Italian word espresso originally means something pressed out. Truly, in this type of machine, strong force is used as primary driving factor for brewing good quality Italian coffee. With increasing business activity amidst globalization, usage of espresso coffee maker machines is no more limited in producing traditional Italian coffee. With enhanced productivity, the machine has become a common commercial coffee brewing machine and being used all over the world. The machine is ideal in serving large numbers of guests in a party or any such huge gathering. Over the years, to meet market demands and user requirements, several kinds of espresso coffee maker machines have been developed by different leading home utility gadget manufacturers. Few prominent manufacturers seriously engaged now days in producing and marketing these machines include Black amp; Decker, Bodum, Braun, Bunn, Capresso, Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Krups, and Saeco, etc. Espresso coffee makers designed by these companies may differ in styles, shapes, colors, and capacity, but their working principles remain the same.

Working Of An Espresso Coffee Maker

In any espresso coffee maker, espresso – the forced output is generated out of a pressurized hot stream of water. Around 200 deg F water is made to pass through 9-11 grams of ground coffee under heavy pressure, say around 900 kPa or even greater. Most of the espresso coffee makers are automatic, in that you need not to worry about grinding, mixing and other activities of coffee brewing. Only one switch is required to be pressed and the whole action of grinding coffee beans towards brewing a lovely cop of coffee is taken care of by the machine. Even, the waste is appropriately disposed off. Manual espresso coffee makers are now days little used, though they provide better control in brewing quality Italian espresso. In the manual system, a liver is used to provide necessary pressure for brewing.

Different Types Of Espresso Coffee Maker

There exist hundreds of types of espresso coffee makers in the market and all of them are not required always. For your home use on daily basis, you may go for purchasing a small one; but if you want to entertain large numbers of guests, you may hire a big one to suit your requirement. Depending upon cup delivery capacity, espresso coffee maker machines are categorized as single cup espresso, 2 cup, 4 cup, 6 cup, 8 cup, 10 cup, and 12 cup coffee brewer. There also exist programmable espresso machine that will ensure having a cup of coffee ready at a particular preset time. Depending upon coffee brewing techniques and other operational characteristics, espresso coffee makers are of various categories such as French press coffee maker, vacuum coffee pot machine, dual coffee maker, drip coffee maker, etc. Each of these coffee brewing machines has their own unique advantages and limitations making them ideal for some particular situation.

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